A Blast From the Past

I apologize for not being able to generate compelling new content for you this week, but hopefully coming back from vacation will rejuvenate my writing skills and provide you with a plethora of new options to read in the coming months.

For now, I would like to direct your attention to some posts you may have missed, and give you an opportunity to browse the archives. Not all the posts from my old blog are transferred over yet, but here are few selections to whet your appetite:

1. Read Before You Criticize: An Inside Look at Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 1 releases in a few months, which I’m sure will start this debate all over again.

2. Why I Don’t Feel Guilty Reading Fiction - Say goodbye to the guilt trip and pick up a fiction novel!

3. Defining Moments – A lesson from Esther.

4. 8 Lies the Media Wants You to Believe About Your Marriage – Don’t let TV, internet, or magazines dictate your model of marriage!

5. Radical Christian? Yes, Please. – The book that changed my perspective on the world.

6. Do You Snub Earth Day, or Embrace It? – A look at creation care and Biblical stewardship.

7. The Biggest Ponzi Scheme in America: Social Security – Have you looked at your paycheck lately?

Enjoy browsing and expect an entirely new post come Monday!

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