“Don’t Let the Kids Drink the Kool-aid” by Marybeth Hicks

The Left has successfully created a new generation of socialist puppets.

Rather than blatantly proclaim their radical agenda, liberal America uses stealth tactics through school curriculum and cartoon-like television shows to easily persuade vulnerable and impressionable children.

Marybeth Hicks warns,

“It’s not just that Leftists are attempting to instill their radical beliefs in the minds and hearts of children. It’s that our children have swallowed these lessons hook, line, and sinker. Polls prove that on issue after issue, American young people are buying what the Left is selling.” (Introduction)

Ms. Hicks wrote Don’t Let the Kids Drink the Kool-Aid: Confronting the Left’s Assault on Our Families, Faith, and Freedom to expose this indoctrinating worldview and convince parents to step up and raise their children with virtues handed down to them from their American heritage.

Throughout the book, the author reveals:

  • How public schools are destroying kids’ work ethic and ambitions by teaching them to be a  citizen who “gives back” to the community rather than pursue their own interests.
  • How a campaign against God forces us to be religion-free, rather than freely religious.
  • Why children are learning sex education as young as elementary school.
  • How radical environmentalism is impacting children through internet use and cartoons.
  • How multiculturalism teaches children to become “global citizens”.
  • How parents are continuously undermined by the hand of the government.

The statistics and news stories throughout these pages will astound you, and have you wondering how we can possibly restore such a broken generation.

According to Marybeth Hicks,

“Imbuing our children with virtues for personal conduct, public conduct, and civic leadership will restore America in the next generation. This is the key to revitalizing our republic, and to reigniting the love of freedom in the hearts of our youngest citizens.” (pg 186)

Children don’t have to drink a socialist, sugary drink of Kool-Aid if parents are aware and informed about what the Left is selling their kids. They can help redirect America’s moral compass by instilling virtue in their children. Humility, reverence, self-discipline, and honor, among others, are all qualities of a moral citizenship, not a social one.

Your Turn:

For those of you with children, have you experienced any of this indoctrination first-hand, through the public school system or pop culture?

Further Resources:

Protecting Children by Empowering Parents

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  1. Caroline says:

    That is funny that you posted this today. I picked Mariah up from pre-k today and the teacher pulled me aside and asked me what I want to do about Halloween since I wrote on the info page that we don’t celebrate it. Well, the options were either Mariah participate in getting dressed up or she not come to class that day because the school is all doing it and it would be hard to cater to one student. Ummm, there is a Muslim girl in her class too, I’m sure she isn’t celebrating Halloween. BUT if it were say, celebrating Christmas in order to honor the birth of Christ and one student opposed it, I bet they would cater to that one student then…ya know in a hypothetical world where Christmas was celebrated for it’s real meaning.

  2. As a veteran high school teacher I can attest first-hand to the indoctrination that’s going on in our schools. I taught English classes and therefore read papers in which students often discussed the things that bothered them the most, and the number of papers that expressed fear of the future and concerns about global warming was truly distressing. They were always surprised and perplexed when I explained my doubts — that attitude was “unteacherly.”

    About 5 years ago the Dali Lama came to Portland, Oregon, to speak. The state provided funds for school districts to hire substitutes for teachers who wanted to bring classes to Portland to hear him. We all know that no state monies would have been available for students to hear Billy Graham or the Pope.

    • KalynBrooke says:

      So many teachers just swallow what the government and curriculum tells them. It’s great to know there are some out there who can appropriately analyze the issues at hand.

  3. My husband and I do foster care (our youngest child graduated 11 years ago) and the state insists that they go to public school (and day care if they are too young for school). When we adopted our daughter when she was in 3rd grade. In 4th grade we “attempted” homeschooling. While I loved the idea of it, with my daughters “issues”, it did not work for her. So now in 5th grade she is back in school. I went to curriculem night last week, and the teacher stated that they are now “teaching the children a new way to learn”. They don’t teach phonics, they teach kids to memorize certain words, then try to figure out which word fits in a sentence. They don’t teach the math tables (memorization) but they teach the steps to use to find out how 6 x 6 = 36. The DO NOT TEACH AMERICAN HISTORY, they teach social studies, about land masses, and culturally grouped people. Needless to say, I was concerned. And since homeschooling is not an option (right now), you know I will be volunteering in that classroom a lot. Plus teaching all my children at home what they are missing in school. and about the “old” way to learn.
    ourhometoyours recently posted..it’s been a treasury weekMy Profile

    • KalynBrooke says:

      Wow, I didn’t know that foster children were required to attend public school, but I’m glad to hear how involved you are in your children’s education.

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