Lost Opportunities Make Way for New Adventures

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Those of you who knew my husband and I were planning a missions trip to Haiti may be wondering why there has not been an update on here about the trip in quite a while.

The first bump in the road occurred when we received that nasty flood, the second, was when we received an email a few days later from one of the doctors leading the trip. Here is a portion,

“This weekend I got a response from the folks in Haiti about the team size.

This trip was on the books for a year, and was reaffirmed in May; so all of this comes as a surprise and major disappointment for us.

The optimum size for our team now is only 5. We can work with 6, and might even struggle through with 7. “

Did this mean we were “cut” from the Haiti ministry team? No, but it did mean we needed to think over the trip and make a decision on whether or not we should voluntarily opt out. We had really been looking forward to ministering in Haiti, but in reality, we were the only ones who did not have medical training and felt it would be selfish to stay on and not allow nurses and doctors to continue with this opportunity.

The flooding also made us stop and reevaluate our situation. We truly felt God leading us to stay here and work on the damage done to our home, as well as be a ministry to others in the region. There is so much to do!

We still have some of the money left over from our garage sale fundraiser (part of it was used for our training in June), and I cannot thank our friends and family enough for donating both their goods and their time to making this trip possible. With your permission, we would like to set that money aside for perhaps another missions trip (I know my brother-in-law has hinted for us to come down to Brazil!), or to help someone else in need. Partly, because I don’t have records of who donated what, or the price for which those goods sold. We never thought something like this would have happened!

Even though I am saddened by this change of plans, I have also had another exciting opportunity present itself. On November 4-5, I will be attending the Women of Faith conference in Rochester for FREE as a blogger! I am still in shock!

Being a blogger has many perks, (free books anyone?) but I never thought attending a conference would be one of them. I received 2 free tickets, so I am taking my mom and we are going to have some fabulous rejuvenation time. I will be tweeting throughout the event, so make sure you follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already. I will also share my thoughts about the conference when I return, but it may be difficult to cram so much inspirational information into one post!

Register today if you are interested in going to one of their conferences!

Women of Faith Imagine

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